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Products of Research, Developments, and Project

This column contents of products developed as the output of researches, developments, and joint projects. Many parties support in succeeding the works by funding, involded in teamwork, and also product completion. Some products still need to be continued for completion, reliability and comfortability usage without avoiding the safety factors. See Video »

  • port Simulator


    Port Simulator is joint Research among STC Nuffic, Sea Transportation Department - ITS, and PENS. This research is funded by STC Nuffic on building the miniature of container port as trainer module for students of Sea Trans Department so they can learn and simulate the container flow and scheduling arrangement in the port. The project research was don't in December 2016 after 7 month of works. See Video »


    This Two way AGV is a type of tunnel AGV which work in two direction, fordward and backward directly, no need to turn arround for backward movement. The AGV is capable of carrying 600kg load with maximum speed 48m/mnt. This Product is the output of joint research between PT JAI and PENS. It is don't in 2016 after 4 month of works. See Video »


    One Way AGV is type of AGV which allows only one way direction of movement. The AGV may go back to initial condition if only turn arround guide placed on the line. This AGV is able to carry load of 100kg with maximum speed 40m/mnt. The AGV development is funded by the grant of KEMENPERIN program "Wira Usaha Baru." The AGV project is done in December 2017 for 1 month of works. The perfection of AGV's system is still need to be continued in order to meet industrial specification. See Video »


    Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS) based on Gun Turret is one of the research focus on Defence Technology Research Center (DTRC) PENS. This product developed during the completion of Master Study, funded by the INSINAS reseach scheme joining ITS, PENS, PINDAD, POLMAN, and BPPT. Gun Turret is still on going research with target of military standard weapon system See Video »


    Bionic Hand is a research and product which is famous nowdays. Many researches develop bionic robotic in order to help the amputee as they hopefully can subtitute their missing part of a body. This product is still on goind research developed since 2013 with many mechanical part have been designed. We are targeting in October 2018, the first bionic hand of our research will have been applied on human arm. See Video »

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